Our Story

Yesai Manukyan

Designer, Master Jeweler, Founder of Manukyan Design Studio

Specialized in fine jewelry and the reproduction of historic jewelry

Ava Manukyan

Designer, Fine Artist

Brands designed: 1928 Jewelry, Antiquities, Vatican Library, Joan Rivers Worldwide, MET Museum, Smithsonian Museum, and Brighton Collectibles

Yesai and I were both raised and educated in Armenia, and worked in the capital city of Yerevan. Yesai worked at the National Television Station, directing and producing TV programs as well as theatrical productions. Meanwhile, I was at the National Manuscript Depository, making hand copies of medieval miniature paintings. Funnily enough, we had never met in Armenia, even though we walked the same streets and attended the same events.   

We ended up meeting each other in the United States during the early 1990’s. Yesai was producing his own TV programs in Los Angeles, and was looking for a set designer. I got the job through a recommendation from a mutual friend. 
Yesai’s world was so exciting and dynamic. His production studio was a hub for actors, poets, musicians, visual artists, clergy members, and even politicians. So many fascinating people were guests of his show. I later became the hostess of the show and conducted interviews.     

During this time, Yesai and I became great friends. As we grew closer, I learned about his exceptional talent in jewelry making, which was how he supported his family and financed his TV show. Later, he involved me in his jewelry making projects, and our many collaborations together led to a strong bond and partnership. 
We’ve had a long journey together as friends, as collaborators, and as a couple.
June of 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of our marriage, and we celebrate it with the launch of our jewelry line. Each piece tells a story, and we invite you to explore our creations and discover what speaks to your heart.